Sunday, August 9

20 Children's Books that You'll Actually Enjoy Reading

With the advent of e-readers, book stores have become all but obsolete. This makes it incredibly difficult for us parents wanting to nurture a love of books in our young ones. No longer are the days where you can browse the children's book section of Walden Books or Borders. You could actually pick up a book and read it - if it was lame you could put it back and pick something else. Nowadays, you have to buy your books online or from a very limited selection at Walmart. And unless you just love returning items via the mail (which NO ONE does), you run the very likely risk of getting stuck with this soul sucking book that makes you want to pound your fists and cry whenever your kid insists on reading it. 

So in an effort to alleviate some of this stress, yours truly spent a good two hours reading through about 100 books (we still fortunately have a Barnes & Noble) and found a good 20 books that will actually be enjoyable for you to read with your littles. That's right, only 20. That's how hard it is to find good children's books! This list is in no particular order and all are mom approved (the mom being me, so yeah, you know they gotta be good books).

Animal Gas
by Bryan Ballinger

It has lots of fart words. Enough said.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School
by Davide Cali

Lots of silly shenanigans as to why this kid
didn't make it to school on time.

It's Only Stanley
by Jon Agee

Stanley is smart and resourceful, but the poor thing
keeps his owners up all night.

by Don Freeman

A cute classic about a toy bear who just wants to
get purchased and go to a nice home.

Rufus Goes to School
by Kim T. Griswell

Rufus wants to go to school and learn to read,
but the principal insists pigs are just too noisy and messy
for the classroom.

Monkey and Duck Quack Up!
by Jennifer Hamburg

A rhyming book about the best of friends trying to
win a rhyming contest so they can go on a cruise.

Walter the Farting Dog
by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray

Walter is a gassy dog who ends up saving his owners' stuff
from getting robbed (the line, "he saved the VCR" is just the best).

The Story of Ferdinand
by Munro Leaf

Another classic about a big strong bull who doesn't want to
fight, he just wants to sit under his tree and look at flowers.

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story
by Patrick McDonnell

Such a fun book about how kids get books messy
with their dirty hands, food, juice, crayons, etc.

Meet the Dullards
by Sara Pennypacker

Mr. and Mrs. Dullard try to keep their kids extra dull
by moving every time things get too exciting.

The Book With No Pictures
by B.J. Novak

It really doesn't have pictures! But so fun to read because it talks
about how readers have to read whatever is on a page... no matter what.

How to Lose a Lemur
by Frann Preston-Gannon

I love lemurs so this book didn't have try very hard
for me to like it... about a boy who gets the attention of a
lemur and tries different ways to get rid of him.

Nugget & Fang
by Tammi Sauer

Things are good between Nugget and Fang, until Nugget is 
told that sharks are dangerous and eat fish. Fang tries to prove
he is safe and ends up saving everyone at the end.

Orion and the Dark
by Emma Yarlett

Such a good book for littles who are scared of the dark.
The little boy is afraid of the dark until one day
he decides to befriend Orion (represents the dark, go figure).

The Whale in My Swimming Pool
by Joyce Wan

A fun, short book about a boy trying to get
a whale out of his pool so he can finally go swimming.

Interstellar Cinderella
by Deborah Underwood

A cool take on Cinderella - lots of rhyming 
and really cool graphics.

The Cat in the Hat
by Dr. Seuss

Really fun book to read, my girls love it! I'm sure
everyone already knows what this one is about.

Green Eggs and Ham
by Dr. Seuss

Another book my girls love, especially since they
hate trying new food.

Mustache Baby Meets His Match
by Bridget Heos

Oh my goodness, such a cute book! About two boys who duel
it out with their good and bad mustache/beard.

The Day the Crayons Quit
by Drew Daywalt

A fun book about crayons writing letters explaining
why they are happy, sad, lonely, mad, etc.

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