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Captain America Phone Theme

Don't you just love this little guy? One thing I LOVE about having an android is how incredibly customizable it is. I'm going to walk you through how to have this same background on your phone. It takes quite a few steps, but once everything is said and done you can show off your cool new phone background that you customized YOURSELF!!! Let's do it!!

Step 1

You can technically use any launcher you want and achieve pretty much the same design, but I personally love using Nova Launcher because it allows you to change the grid your icons snap to when placing them on your screen. Download Nova Launcher here for free. They do have a prime version, but I honestly have never needed any options from the $5 upgrade.

Step 2

After you install the launcher, push your Home button. A screen should pop up that asks you what you want to use as your default launcher. Choose Nova.

Step 3

Open up your Nova Launcher settings. Here are the settings you should have under each heading.
  • Desktop
    • Desktop Grid: left 9 and bottom 7 - enable Subgrid Positioning
    • Icon LayoutLabel: Off
    • Width Padding: None
    • Height Padding: None
    • Persistent Search Bar: None
    • Scroll Effect: Simple
    • Wallpaper Scrolling: On
    • Page Indicator: None
    • Page Indicator Color: Black
    • Add Icon to Home Screen: Off
  • Dock
    • Dock Background: Whatever color it is, put it at 100% Transparency
    • Dock Pages: 1
    • Dock Icons: 5
    • Icon Layout: Label: Off
    • Width Padding: None
    • Height Padding: Medium
    • Infinite Scroll: Off
  • Folders
    • Folder Preview: Line
    • Folder Background: Circle (the gray one)
    • Transition Animation: Circle
    • Background: Transparency: 10% - Click the more button (...) - Enter in #e501a9f4
    • Icon Layout: Label: Off
Step 4

Let's get that cute little captain background now. Download Zedge here for free. Once downloaded, open up the app. Click Wallpapers. Type in hero, super into the search bar. Click Captain America. Click Set. Go back to your home screen. You should see a happy little superhero now!

Step 5

Next we need to download the two icon packs. This will allow you to make all your icons RED on your home screen and BLACK within your folders. It will really tie everything in, trust me. Download the Stamped Red icon pack here and the Stamped Black icon pack here for free.

Now comes the fun (but definitely tedious) part. Your Nova settings are such that all of your main icons will be on one page, the home screen. All other apps will be in your app drawer. I'm going to walk you through how to get the six folders on your home screen that will spell out the word MARVEL.

First, open up your app drawer. It should be the bottom middle button on your dock. Once open, drag and drop the icons you want in your first folder onto your home screen. I made my M of MARVEL my entertainment folder. Just as an example, I dragged Fandango, Goodreads, and my Crosswords apps onto my home screen. Once you've picked out all of your icons, drag and drop them all into one pile to create your first folder.

Now, hold down the icon folder you just made. A window will pop up asking you if you want to Edit or Remove. Click Edit. Another window will pop-up. Type in the label for your folder. In my case I typed in "Entertainment". Before clicking DONE, click the icon photo and select the Stamped Red icon pack. The icons are in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the M's and click on the M icon you like. Click Done. Voila! Now just repeat for the A, R, V, E, and L. Also, go ahead and change up the icons on your dock as well. Remember to use the Stamped Red icon pack.

For reference here is what I have in each of my folders...
  • M - Entertainment: Google News, Fandango, Youtube, etc.
  • A - Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.
  • R - Music: Audibles, Pandora, Google Music, etc.
  • V - Tools: Calculator, Clock, Goole Maps, etc
  • E - Banking & Shopping: Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc.
  • L - Settings: Google Settings, Nova Settings, Phone Settings, etc.
Now repeat the same thing you did for the home screen inside each of the folders. This time using Stamped Black. The photo on the left is the home screen. The photo on the right is the home screen with a folder open. To move the icons around, hold them down and move them to your desired location.

Step 6

If you look at the photos above, the Power Toggle tool bar is the strip of icons at the very top of the screen. Download the Power Toggles widget here for free. Once downloaded, hold down the home screen until you see something like the photo below on the left. Click Widgets. Scroll down until you find Power Toggle 4 x 1. Drag the widget to your home screen.

Once dragged onto your home screen, the following window will pop up automatically.

Now you need to choose what you want on your bar. Click Add Toggle to add more tools to your tool bar. If you don't like some of the default tools, click on the icon of the tool you want to remove. Hit remove. If you don't like the placement of the icon, move the slider to the left or right to change its position.

Here are the settings you should have under each heading.

  • Style
    • Default - Full Height: Off - Huge Icons: Off
  • Button Colors
    • First Box: 5CCC0000 - Second Box: FFCC0000 - Third Box: FFCC0000
  • Background
    • Default - Transparency (all the way to the left)
  • Dividers
    • Hidden
  • Click Feedback
    • Ripple - Rounded Corners: On
**Note: Sometimes PowerToggles is glitchy and won't change the color of any added icons. If you experience this problem, change the above settings FIRST and then add new icons to your tool bar.**

Before clicking Done, click on the triple dotted line at the top right corner. Click Create Backup. Type in Red Toggle Bar. Click Done. This way if you ever accidentally delete the toggle bar (believe me it's easier than you think), you don't have to redo all these settings.

Go back to your home screen. Hold down the Power Toggles widget. Now you can resize and move it anywhere on your screen you want.

Step 7

The final step is the placement of your the Google search engine. You need to download the customizable version here for free. Once downloaded, add the Custom ICS Search widget to your home screen (see step 6 for instructions). A picture similar to the one below will pop up once you've added the widget to your home screen. My colors are red because I've already customized my search engine.

Here are the settings you should have under each heading.
  • Global Search Icon - FFCC0000
  • Speech Recognizer Icon - FFCC0000
  • Frame - FFCC0000
  • Show Shadow: Off
Click OK. As with the Power Toggle widget, you can now hold down the Google widget until a screen pops up allowing you to resize and move your search bar.


It was so awesome walking you through how to have your very own Captain America themed phone! If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post.

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