Friday, August 21

Periodic Table of the Elements Cross Stitch Pattern

I've seen periodic table cross stitch patterns before, but none of them do what a periodic table should do - they should be informative and useful when solving chemistry problems. My latest pattern has just about everything you could want in a periodic table. This cross stitch pattern contains...

  • all 118 elements known at this time, including the updated names for elements 112, 114, & 116
  • atomic number & atomic mass
  • states of matter at room temperature
  • all known oxidation states
  • indication of which elements are radioactive, man-made, or very rare
  • common periodic trends - electronegativity, atomic radius, ionization energy, & electron affinity
  • labeling of groups
    • method 1 - numbers 1 through 18
    • method 2 - 'A' groups for representative elements and 'B' groups for transition elements
  • labeling of periods
  • color coded element groups - alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, post-transition metals, metalloids, halogens, noble gases, other gases, lanthanides, & actinides

Whoa, right?!?! This pattern is HUGE - it runs about 38" x 24". 

Are you game? If so, download here.

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If someone you know is interested in this pattern, please send them directly to my site to download. Thanks!

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  1. I'm from Spain and I don't understand so much the inches,just to be sure,38 are 96,52 cm and 28 are 71,12cm?
    Thanks ^.^