Monday, August 17

Up-Cycling Adult Coloring Pages - Bookmarks

I'm pretty much addicted to coloring those fancy new adult color books that seem to be all the rage right now. I probably spent $20 on 4 books at Barnes & Noble and I will get hours upon hours of color therapy in return. Definitely a good bang for my buck! Now on to what I plan to do with all these kick awesome pages I've colored. I have a ton of ideas on how I want to up-cycle my "art", but only so much time to dedicate to coloring and blogging. With this said, this post will be on how I turned a couple of my completed pages into bookmarks. I'll post more ideas throughout the upcoming months.

Here's what I started with...

Here's what I did...

Step #1

Cut your pages up into bookmark sized pieces. I cut the leaves page into three bookmarks (7" by 2.5") and the rooster page into two bookmarks (7" by 3").

Step #2

Because both of these pages have another coloring page on the backside, I cut out matching paper to glue onto the backside. This way, when I'm looking at my bookmark, it's pretty on both the front and the back. For an example, the picture below shows the uncolored page that was on the back of my coloring page. This is what I want to cover up.

For the leaf bookmarks, I cut a piece of paper in green, purple, and red - one for each bookmark I would be making. I then used glue tape to adhere the paper to my leaf pages. You can pretty much use whatever paper you want, but I wanted durable bookmarks and decided to use card stock paper.

I repeated the same thing for my roosters, only this time I used black card stock paper.

Step #3

Trim off any overhang from gluing the two pieces together. To accomplish this, I used my X-Acto knife and a ruler. I placed my ruler along the part I wanted to cut, put pressure on the ruler with my left hand, and then ran the X-Acto blade down the ruler with my right hand. It really gave me a nice, finished look. Also, I wouldn't recommend cutting on anything you care about. The knife will leave marks. I used my fabric cutting mat, but you could always use cardboard or even a kitchen cutting board.

Step #4

Write a fun message on the backside of your bookmark. I plan on handing these out as promotional materials for my blog.

Step #5

This step is optional as not everyone is an insane person who happens to own their own laminating machine. So yeah, step five is to laminate your bookmarks for even more durability.

Make sure to space out your bookmarks in between the laminating pages. You'll want the space to give you a little wiggle room when cutting your bookmarks out. I used the same method from step three to cut my bookmarks.


The final product...

For the rooster bookmarks, I used a hole punch at the top middle of each bookmark. Then I used thread and beads to make a little tassel. Just have fun and get creative!


If you are interested in the style of these coloring pages, here is the book I used. I purchased this little gem at Barnes & Noble for $5 (it was on clearance).

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