Wednesday, August 19

Up-Cycling Adult Coloring Pages - Notebooks

On Monday, I showed you how I used my completed coloring pages to make your own bookmarks. Today, I'm going to show you how to turn them into mini-notebooks.

Here's what I started with...

Here's what I did...

Step #1

Cut your coloring page into two pieces. I cut mine exactly in half to get two notebook covers measuring 8" by 5".

Step #2

Optional - Laminate each cover.

Step #3

Cut matching paper to the same size of your notebook covers. You'll want at least five pages per notebook. If you use anything thicker than computer paper, you might have difficulty stapling your notebook together.

Here I have one of my notebook covers and five white, matching pieces of paper also measuring 8" by 5". 

If you laminated your cover -- Line up your five pieces of paper (do NOT include the cover), and fold them in half. I then used my fancy cricut-flattener-thingie-mabobby to really get a good crease. Fold your laminated cover separately and press the crease.

If you didn't laminate your cover -- Line up all six pieces of paper (that includes your cover), and fold them in half. Press the crease.

Step #4

Optional - When you have your pieces of paper folded together, they don't all line up on the open side of your notebook. This really bothers me, so I decided to use my ruler and X-Acto knife to trim the open side of the notebook.

Now for a nice clean edge!!!

Step #5

Staple your pages together along the crease. Try to have your pages stacked as evenly as possible. I used two staples, one about 3/4" from the top and another about 3/4" from the bottom. This step might prove difficult if you don't have a long-armed stapler. You should probably just go buy one now because they are AMAZING and no one should live without one.

Here's the final product...

I'm going to use this cute little book for keeping track of what groceries I need.

If you like this pattern, I colored it from...

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